Advertising Agency Israel

The different departments

Advertising agency Israel deals mostly with the strategic planning for the customer who wishes to advertise his services and / or products. The agency runs a market research, chooses the advertising concept, and produces it through the different medias it aquires for its customers. There are different departments involved in this process.

Branding department- creates a identity and a branding concept, as well as a mutual language that will מאפיין the brand and its products.

Creative department- takes the branding idea, and translates it to a creative and interesting way that will attract the customer.

Strategy department- chooses the most relevant media; decides which audience will the advertisement target; where will the advertisements be presented; whether or not the פריסה should local or all around the country, etc.

Producing department- actively puts up the signs, creates the campaign clip, takes care of many administrative tasks, and more.

Customer contacts department- makes direct contact with the customer and reports about any progress; collects information from the other departments, and checks the general advertising budget.

Bettering the campaign

During the campaign, internal and external reports are written out for the customer, in order to verify its effect and success, and to improve when needed.