Reach Millions

On line advertising has become popular and effective more than ever! Internet exposure in Israel these days is 57% higher than any other media available. That means that your advertisement will reach millions of users in no time!

Why Advertise On Line?

Target audience- Our advertisement can be directed to a specific target audience, and thus, you’ll be able to reach your potential costumers. On Facebook, for instance, you can advertise according to gender, age, location, etc.

Follow up- We use effective and analytical tools to follow the advertisement and to see how successful the campaign was: how long did the surfers watch the advertisement, how many of them left their details, and more. In this way, we get feedback about the campaign, and know what to improve.

Dynamic and informative- our advertisement will give more details about your sales and products, as opposed to a TV or newspapers advertisement. Most surfers will click on a link to get more details, and that way, get to your page, which will be attractively designed.

Passive advertisement- our advertisement clearly and attractively offers information to your future customer, though not actively ‘forcing’ the information on him. he doesn’t feel controlled by us, and is more interested in your product.